Taproom & Taco Bar Grand Opening - Saturday, Oct 13!

Please join us for our long-awaited GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION!  

Live music begins @ 3:00 with OFF THE WAGON followed by BONO BROS BAND @ 7:30

Giveaways every hour!  

Release of limited edition "Drunken Rooster" in CANS!


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Announcement from Ravinia Brewing Company

We would like to thank Welz Kaufman, CEO of Ravinia Festival Association (RFA), for his public overture in the Landmark Newspaper last week.  The content of this advertisement was vastly different than the recent communications we have privately received from the RFA. 

We are relieved that the RFA has relaxed many of its demands regarding the use of our community name.  These recent demands have included: transfer of the Ravinia Brewing Company registered trademark to the RFA, brand licensing and control, royalties, and (most recently) a request to change our brand name to “Ravinia Colony Brewing.”

Welz Kaufman is now simply asking for two things:  to increase the size of “Brewing Company” and to ensure that the terms “Ravinia” and “Brewing” are always used together.  We are pleased to announce that we accept!  This must be formalized with a short coexistence agreement - but it is an encouraging step forward. 

If RFA had initially requested these publicly stated terms, we would have accommodated – not because there was a legal requirement - but in an effort to be a good friend and neighbor. 

Speaking of neighbors…a huge thank you to the rabble-rousing Ravinians and friends who have raised their voices in support of our project.  We are heartened by the incredible passion of our community and look forward to contributing to the revitalization of our neighborhood.

Please keep in mind that there is no resolution at this point.  Once a quick and simple agreement is in place reflecting the RFA’s public commitments, we can all move forward.  Maybe one day soon we can even share a beer (and some group therapy) with the leaders of Ravinia Festival. 

Ravinia Brewing Company is all about community.  Our project thoughtfully considers the needs of the neighborhood and honors the history and essence of RAVINIA.  It’s been a long labor of love and we hope to have the opportunity to finally show the community what we’ve been up to!

Meanwhile, an astronaut is floating over the skies of Ravinia while Weaver speeds down the Steep Ravine and a Rooster prepares to take flight…


Ravinia Brewing Company

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